Certified Recovery Peer Advocate - Independent Living Inc.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (LCR/ILI)

REPORTS TO: Program Manager - SOR 2 Recovery

LEVEL: Non-Management

POSITION OVERVIEW: Lexington Center for Recovery and Independent Living, Inc’s are partnering together to provide peer support for individuals in Lexington Center’s Sullivan County Methadone Treatment Program. This position will be co-supervised with the Lexington Center for Recovery.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Welcome new participants, introduce them to their counselor, and orientate them to the activities, values, policies and expectations of the Lexington Center programs. • Engage and build relationships with existing participants at Lexington Center for Recovery to increase treatment engagement and coordinate additional Lexington services such as Medication Assisted treatment, group programming, family counseling and mental health services. • Engage potential participants who have scheduled an initial appointment but did not show, or current participants that continually cancel to provide education on treatment benefits and options and decrease anxiety and resistance toward participating in treatment. • Provide education on opioid use disorder, the importance of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and other treatment to different public groups, community services and government agencies. • Provide support for overdose occurrences in the community. • Maintain accurate and up-to-date individual electronic case records on all peer activities, and other accountability reports as required. • Attend regularly scheduled clinical meetings, case conferences, staff meetings and supervision as well as in-service training and development activities. • Assist clients in the community including transportation needs, crisis support, court appointments, benefits and entitlements appointments and other identified needs. • Proactively engage participants on how to access and navigate the substance use treatment system and negotiate insurance barriers to treatment. • Provide group support, education, recovery information and skill building classes and workshops to families and individuals regarding substance use disorders. • Help Individuals create individual wellness plans based on recovery goals and steps to achieve those goals. • Act demand-responsive to inquiries through multiple channels (i.e., in person, telephonic, text, blogs). • Engage in individual advocacy by assisting Individuals with substance use disorders in protecting and promoting their rights, resolving complaints, accessing services and navigating community supports of their choice. • Network with other agency providers and community support services to maintain an integrated support system for persons with Substance use Disorders. • Performs other job duties as assigned or required by the needs of the position.

REQUIREMENTS: • Empathy, honesty, respect for diversity, high personal standards, language and behaviors reflecting such values and the Independent Living philosophy. • Excellent written and verbal presentation skills. • Must have good time management skills and be self-directing, especially if there is any downtime. • Must possess an unrestricted valid driver’s license and have reliable transportation.

QUALIFICATIONS: • CRPA or CRPA-P (Certified Recovery Peer Advocate) • NYCPS (New York Certified Peer Specialist) certification desirable. • Ability to share personal recovery experiences and to develop authentic peer-to-peer relationships while maintaining healthy boundaries and ethical standards at all times. • Ability to work with peers, families and staff in a caring and respectful manner, and with due understanding of and consideration for cultural differences. • Must have lived experience with substance use recovery either personally or through a family member who has gone through recovery and be comfortable with self-disclosure as needed. • Fulfill all requirements to become certified in First Aid and CPR. • Must have a working knowledge of the recovery process and be willing to promote multi-pathways to recovery including Methadone treatment for Opioid Use Disorder. • Bilingual English/Spanish strongly preferred. • Knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) a plus.

Por favor, ayudanos a crear un sociedad libre sin barreras! Help us create a barrier-free society!

Independent Living are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers.

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