Certified Teacher - The Guidance Center of Westchester

POSITION: Certified teacher

PROGRAM: Rebound

HOURS: up to 28hrs


• Must be able to work well with adolescents who present with significant mental health, behavioral and/or substance use problems

• Ability to work with a multi-disciplinary team

• Strong organizational skills

• Good interpersonal skills

• Good verbal and written skills

• Good computer skills

• Ability to prioritize tasks

• Proficiency in Math


1. Work with the Program Director to develop weekly progress reports for home schools for each student.

2. Work with the Program Director to provide final reports to be sent to each student’s home school district.

3. Organize the educational component in coordination with the Program Director.

4. Oversee the educational component of the program which includes an understanding of Apex Credit Recovery online learning.

5. Provide assistance and/or teach students who are completing work in Apex.

6. Ensure that the tablets used by students are charged and available daily.

7. Co-facilitate a morning group with the Program Director.

8. Work collaboratively with mental health clinic and The Hub for those students receiving clinical services.

9. Communicate with via telephone or in case conference with the parents of the youth in the program as needed.

SALARY: 35/hr

SEND RESUMES TO: dperlleshi@theguidancecenter.org

The Guidance Center of Westchester

256 Washington Street

Mount Vernon, NY 10553


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