Director of Community Rehabilitative Services - The Guidance Center of Westchester

POSITION: Director of Community Rehabilitative Services

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Director of Community-based Rehabilitative services would coordinate, assign and provide some services for Children (adolescents 14yrs old to adult) and Adult Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) programs, and Supported Education.

Also supervise all staff providing HCBS services.

The director of community-based Rehabilitative Services will provide support and partner with the Vocational Services program staff, and PROS Vocational Specialist to best assist participants around vocational and educational goals.

TGCW offers an array of recovery support services for eligible adults and adolescents with mental health, emotional and substance abuse disorders.

These services are provided primarily in participants’ homes or in the community and are delivered by licensed and unlicensed staff.

Specific services for adults include habilitation, psychosocial rehabilitation, community psychiatric support and treatment, family support and training, peer support, pre-vocational, supported education and supported employment.

The director will manage referrals, intake, admission, case-assignments, staff recruiting and training, quality assurance and supervision of peer support, psychosocial rehabilitation, and vocational specialists, and will ensure that all services are delivered in a manner consistent with recovery-oriented, person-centered, trauma-informed best practices.

Collaboration with Medicaid managed care companies and health home care management agencies will be an important part of the Director’s role.

The Director will provide direct services based on required credentials where and when needed, for example, for individual requiring short-term community psychiatric support and treatment (psychotherapy) services in an off-site setting using evidence-based practices.

Specific Responsibilities: Receive and process incoming referrals of HCBS & Supported Education Grant participants

Conduct intake and assessment either on-site or in the community or individual’s home.

Prepare initial service plans and managed care authorizations

Assign appropriate staff to cases for service delivery; train and supervise as required

Monitor and ensure timeliness of documentation

Follow up with managed care companies to ensure timely and correct processing of service requests and service billing entries.

Provide mobile clinical treatment or rehabilitative services to HCBS, participants in home or community settings.

Promote the expansion of HCBS by conducting information sessions within the agency and in the community.

Expand and initiate systems to integrate services between rehabilitative programs that provide the same services with different oversite.

Such as PROS vocational services, Access-VR, and Children & Adult vocational services.

Supervise providers in the HCBS program.

Provide support and training to Vocational specialist in PROS, and Vocational services staff as needed. Additional responsibilities as assigned.

SALARY: Compensation commensurate with experience


The Guidance Center of Westchester

256 Washington Street

Mount Vernon, NY 10553

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