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Independent Living Skills Specialist


Middletown Program Manager




• Provide a set of core services geared toward promoting self-help, equal access, peer role modeling, personal growth and empowerment.

• Provide counseling, time and attention, empathy, validation, someone to confide in and trust, guidance and modeling of effective community living on an as-needed basis, throughout the period of transition. Share ideas and experiences about living with a disability in order to gain greater awareness and control over one’s own life.

• Teach independent living skills that help people become self-sufficient in areas such as housing, travel transportation, personal self-management, employment, financial management and self-advocacy.

• Provide information and referral services with resources and options that are necessary in making informed choices about living, learning, and working independently. Encourage independence and autonomy by offering information, experiences and opportunities to make informed choices.

• Provide individual and systems advocacy to address access to equal opportunities in exercising social, economic, educational, and legal rights. Work with individuals, community organizations, state/national networks; to promote full inclusion of people with disabilities, and to improve the implementation of existing laws: federal, state, and local.

• Offer employment readiness services to support consumers in their efforts to prepare to enter or re-enter the workforce (i.e. help with preparing resumes and completing job applications).

• Provide and establish a set of core services geared toward youth promoting self-help, equal access, peer role modeling, personal growth and empowerment.

• Attend various meetings as scheduled with other providers to advocate for transitional aged youth throughout Orange County.

• Attend and actively participate in all meetings and training sessions provided by ILI and/or other agencies as requested by the supervisor.

• Performs other duties as determined by the needs of the position.


• Honesty, respect for diversity, high personal standards, language and behaviors reflecting such values and the Independent Living philosophy.

• Demonstrated ability to recognize the need for and facilitate connections between consumers and IL and other disability related services.

• Knowledge of local, statewide and national disability related issues and community dynamics.

• Excellent written and verbal presentation skills.

• Must possess a valid unrestricted driver’s license.


• High School Diploma or equivalent plus 5 years of experience in direct services/human services. Bachelor’s Degree, preferred.

• Bi-lingual English/Spanish.

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