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• Responsible for providing peer-to-peer services for parents of children who experience mental health related issues.

• Works one-on-one with referred children and their families on personal future planning. (This may include conducting career and skill assessments.)

• Assists students and parents in setting outcome-oriented goals and identifying the activities necessary to achieve those goals using WRAP planning or other strength-based tools.

• Assists in establishing linkages with available community supports.

• Assists family in applying for eligible benefits that can foster independence.

• Routinely communicates with the School District’s Transition Liaison as necessary to ensure the identified goals and required actions are effectively incorporated into Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

• Works with the school as well as with community and neighborhood organizations to cultivate circles of support.

• Maintains ongoing communication with the critical partners in the transition planning process in order to encourage their continuing involvement and participation.

• Provides counseling and support for the individual and their family during crisis to avert actions and decisions that might otherwise result in being displaced or dropping out of school.

• Links students to existing community services and organizations that are available to aid in the transition process from school to adult life.

• Actively participates in existing School-to-Adult Life collaborations to share ideas, to avoid duplication of services, and to ensure that the needs of students with disabilities are fully and fairly represented.

• Provides in-service training and technical support to classroom teachers.

• Trains and supervises peer mentors and facilitates linkages between mentors and targeted children and adolescents.

• Completes required reports and participating in the evaluations of service outcomes.

• Assists in developing support group meeting for parents of children with disabilities.


• Understands and can utilize WRAP planning and/or strength-based approaches for each individual receiving services.

• Honesty, respect for diversity, high personal standards, language and behaviors reflecting such values and the Independent Living philosophy.

• Demonstrated ability to recognize the need for and facilitate connections between consumers and IL and other disability related services.

• Knowledge of local, statewide and national disability related issues and community dynamics.

• Local knowledge of key services and players of services, strongly preferred.

• Working knowledge of confidentiality requirements as relating to records pertaining to Mental Health and Chemical Dependency laws.

• Excellent written and verbal presentation skills.

• Must have good time management skills and be self-directing, especially if there is any downtime.

• Must possess a valid driver’s license and have reliable transportation.

• Other duties as required by the needs of the position.


• Must have Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services plus two years of peer coaching, advocacy experience or other human services experiences or

• High School diploma/equivalent plus 5 years of experience with disability related services, including two years of advocacy or peer coaching experience or equivalent experience and education.

• Must have personal “lived” experience as a parent of an individual who has had mental health services and be comfortable with self-disclosure as needed.

• Bilingual English/Spanish strongly preferred.

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