Peer Recovery Specialist (SUD) - Independent Living, Inc.




Team Leader




• Serve as a source of support for individuals during all stages of recovery.

• Advocate for multiple pathways to recovery and engage in MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) program partnerships.

• Proactively engage families and individuals on how to access and navigate the substance use treatment system and negotiate insurance barriers to treatment.

• Provide group support, education, recovery information and skill building classes and workshops to families and individuals regarding substance use disorders (SUD).

• Support Individuals and families, both individually and in small groups, with the following activities:

➢ Help Individuals create individual recovery service plans based on recovery goals and steps to achieve those goals;

➢ Use recovery-oriented tools to help Individuals address challenges;

➢ Assist Individuals to build their own self-directed wellness plans;

➢ Assist Individuals to access benefits, entitlements, legal assistance, civic restoration, transportation support, health management, stable housing, and education and employment connections;

➢ Support Individuals in their decision-making;

➢ Set up and sustain peer and family self-help and educational groups;

➢ Offer a sounding board and shoulder to lean on;

➢ Advocate with individuals for what they need;

➢ Support Individuals in crisis;

• Act as a role model/mentor to empower individuals to self-advocate and coordinate their own services.

• Coordinate a variety of activities that encourage engagement, employment, self-management and personal wellness.

• Promote stabilization and acclimation in the community, leading to a greater degree of independence and improved quality of life for people with substance abuse disorders.

• Maintain a current and working knowledge of systems issues.

• Engage in individual advocacy by assisting Individuals with substance use disorders in protecting and promoting their rights, resolving complaints, accessing services and navigating community supports of their choice.

• Engage in systems advocacy by representing the concerns of Individuals with substance abuse disorders through the identification of patterns of problems and complaints and working with program or system administrators to resolve or eliminate these systemic problems.

• Network with other agency providers and community support services to maintain an integrated support system for persons with SUD.

• Educate individuals, families, and community resources about challenges, options, and resources with regard to persons with disabilities.

• Encourage independence; provide assistance in identifying and connecting with supportive services.

• Enter database statistics as required by due date.

• Complete statistical reports for the Program Manager by specified due date.

• Complete all reporting and record keeping as required.

• Attend and actively participate in all meetings and training sessions provided by Independent Living, Inc. and specific to the job responsibilities of the position.

• Other duties as assigned or required by the needs of the position.


• Empathy, honesty, respect for diversity, high personal standards, language and behaviors reflecting such values and the Independent Living philosophy.

• Excellent written and verbal presentation skills.

• Must have good time management skills and be self-directing, especially if there is any downtime.

• Must possess a valid driver’s license and have reliable transportation.


• CRPA (Certified Recovery Peer Advocate).

• Must have lived experience with substance use recovery either personally or through a family member or friend who has gone through recovery and be comfortable with self-disclosure as needed.

• High School diploma/equivalent plus equivalent years of experience (Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, preferred but not needed) plus two years of peer coaching or advocacy experience

• Must complete approved advocacy training programs within the first six months of employment.

• NYCPS (New York Certified Peer Specialist) certification desirable.

• Must have a working knowledge of the recovery process and be willing to promote multi-pathways to recovery.

• Bilingual English/Spanish strongly preferred.

• Knowledge of ASL a plus.

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