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Ready for The Euro 2020 Tournament!

Written by Alejandro Perez, Data Analyst

One of my many bucket list items is to go to London and watch a live soccer match between two big teams. In 2019, I was very excited when I found out that the semi-final for the 2020 UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) European Football Championship commonly referred to as the Euro 2020 would be played in London. So, I purchased my tickets for the game, booked a flight, and was ready to lose my voice from all the excitement. However, my dream soon came crashing down when it was announced that the Euro 2020 would be postponed and eventually cancelled due to COVID. With no other information as to when the tournament would be played, I was forced to cancel my plans.

After a year of no updates, it was finally announced in January 2021 that the tournament would be scheduled to be played between June and July 2021. The tournament will be played in six groups of four teams each. The teams that finish in first and second will progress to the round of 16, as well as the four best teams to in third place. The games will be played across Europe in 11 cities such as Copenhagen, Rome, and Munich, with the semi-final and final to be played in London.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to travel this year, but I do plan on enjoying the tournament from the comfort of my home. Below are a couple of ways I like to prepare for this:

  • Review and identify the matches that you would like to watch and ensure you clear your calendar for those times

  • If there are multiple games airing at the same time, I like to use a tablet or laptop to ensure I don’t miss any of the action

  • Ensure you have meals prepped and beverages available

I also like to watch the games with friends and family as it makes for a more entertaining time, especially when that first goal goes in and we all scream with excitement. So, if you find yourself home flipping through channels on the TV in the next couple of weeks, then I highly recommend you watch at least one of the 51 games that will be aired.

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