Rehabilitative Services Counselor - The Guidance Center of Westchester

POSITION: Rehabilitative Services Counselor

PROGRAM: Children & Adult HCBS

HOURS: Flexible

SKILLS/ABILITY: Knowledge and understanding of mental health field and mental illness. Ability to provide counseling services including psychosocial, vocational and educational to youth and adults. Ability to advocate for participants’ needs, communicate effectively with family members, mental health providers, employers and educational personnel. Excellent writing, verbal and computer skills needed. Comfortable traveling and going into the community to see participants. Flexible schedule.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Work with youth and adults in mental health and substance abuse recovery, primarily in various community settings including employment sites, educational settings and the homes of Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) participants. Provide counseling in order to achieve wellness, vocational and educational goals. Provide support and encouragement following the individualized and person-centered approach. Assist participants secure employment, apply for college and training programs and provide education support. Teach independent living skills and psychosocial rehabilitation skills including coping skills, relapse prevention and socialization skill building. Provide family education and support as needed. Specific Responsibilities: Complete service specific assessments, service plans, authorization requests, case notes and informational notes meeting required deadlines. Meet regularly with participants in the community and their homes providing rehabilitation services and completing required documentation. Provide psychosocial rehabilitation services including teaching coping skills, relapse prevention strategies, wellness management and socialization skills. Teach independent living skills. Provide career exploration counseling and job & internship placement and job retention services. Teach work readiness skills.

Please contact Hiring Supervisor: Debra Sumner

The Guidance Center of Westchester

256 Washington Street

Mount Vernon, NY 10553

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