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About CBHS

CBHS realizes the need for nimble, responsive, cost effective ways to serve people with behavioral health challenges, and other populations.  In order to accelerate our knowledge and preparation for value-based contracting , we are partnering with healthcare providers, health homes, and managed care companies to create the outcomes needed for the future. CBHS is creating a deep menu of innovative services that are financially viable and responsive to people’s needs.  We have been leaders in New York State’s transformation to a person-centered model of care and are recognized for our recovery services that are  outcome-driven and that incorporate peer and natural supports. We utilize strength-based planning in our behavioral health and child welfare services that draws heavily upon natural supports to promote positive outcomes.

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CBHS Steering Committee



The mission of CBHS is to support its members’ efforts to provide effective behavioral health services to the Medicaid, Medicare, and uninsured population.  CBHS develops the resources necessary to establish leading edge responses to the evolving health care system in New York State.

CBHS promotes recovery oriented and outcome-based services designed to ensure high quality and  affordable costs.


CBHS Formation and Purpose
The CBHS Corporation is comprised of progressive, non-profit, community behavioral health and disability service providers serving seven counties in the Hudson River Region.

CBHS maximizes the intellectual capacity and resources of its members in order to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing health care system.  CBHS is developing business initiatives to successfully integrate and manage care, and provide the cost effective outcome-based services required for the future.


  • Improve access, and continuity of care, wellness, and positive life outcomes for persons in need of behavioral health and long-term care services

  • Integrate and coordinate the provision of behavioral health, medical and  long-term care

  • Reduce inpatient and other institutional treatment by creating effective community-based alternatives

  • Lead high quality care management

  • Promote evidence-based/best practice models

  • Develop capacity for the critical functions of Electronic Health Record Interoperability

  • Establish quality outcome standards and tracking systems

  • Implement staff development aligned with innovation

  • Deliver high-quality/lower cost services that are sustainable

  • Operate effective managed care businesses, including the assumption of risk

Our Commitment
Our commitment is to promote health and wellness, to facilitate the attainment of life roles in the areas of employment, housing, and social connectedness; to ensure access for whole populations, to ensure satisfaction from the people we serve and their families; and to do so at  sustainable costs.

CBHS Executive Committee.jpg

CBHS Executive Committee

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