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Strategic Partnerships

CBHS partnered to form an Independent Practice Association (IPA) specifically to address the integration of their respective services. This new corporation, CBHCare IPA, has consulted with numerous national experts on models of integration of behavioral and physical health services over the course of a year, as it worked to shape its integration strategies. We have learned that integration is not an occurrence, it is a process; that it can take up to two years for organizations to meld their cultures, operations and experience so that a successful strategy may emerge that meets the objectives of the Triple Aim. CBHCare partners have contributed countless hours of administrative and direct care practice to the development of a variety of integration models and configurations, some of them highly successful and exciting ventures, and others that have struggled to evolve. A clinical subcommittee works on establishing and evaluating pilot metrics, interagency protocols, integrated record keeping, broader interoperability, risk stratification and care coordination.

HRHCare delivers culturally sensitive, linguistically appropriate, full life cycle primary, preventative, behavioral and oral health care and enabling & care coordination services, regardless of one’s ability to pay. Our goal and commitment is to help our communities get & stay healthy. We believe high quality health care starts with compassion and dignity, and is available when and where you need it.

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