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Feeling sad? Poetry can spark the joy.

Written by Alejandro Perez, Data Analyst

Society as a whole can often have a very narrow and unforgiving stance on what it means to have a mental illness or struggle with mental health. Often, people hesitate to reach out for help or share their struggles for fear of being judged. However, there is a light shining brightly over mental health through creative writing such as poetry.

Poetry is truly a brave act because it creates a safe space to discuss topics such as abuse, mental illness, eating disorders, and trauma, among other struggles. In doing so, it provides people with the opportunity to heal together through shared emotions and experiences. Through this form of creative writing, people are reminded that conversations about mental health are vital and can serve as an important step in their journey. A journey in which one confronts their demons and is able to put it all on paper to share with others, in hopes that it may help someone struggling with their own demons. When people share their emotions, it provides a necessary reminder that mental illness impacts every race, gender, and at any stage of life, but most importantly it gives people a message that its ok to talk about it and ask for help.

Today, is National Poem in Your Pocket Day and it shares the way poetry brings joy by simply carrying a poem in your pocket. There are many different styles of poetry, however, on this day, there are no restrictions on the rhyme, rhythm, syllables, or length. So today, I urge you all to take a moment and write a poem based on your feelings and perhaps consider sharing it with others because you never know who it may help.

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