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Ride Health Partners with IMSNY

New York – March 29, 2021 – Ride Health, coordinating smarter transportation for every patient need, is partnering with Innovative Management Solutions NY (IMSNY), a joint venture established to streamline access to care for complex and vulnerable populations in New York City and the Hudson Valley.

IMSNY was established by Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) and Coordinated Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) in April 2019, leveraging strength in numbers through shared resources, knowledge, and expertise to provide meaningful analytics and operational efficiency. Through the partnership, these two Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) have access to Ride Health’s transportation coordination platform to ensure safe, reliable, and cost-effective access to care for IMSNY’s 160,000 attributed Medicaid lives across 80 behavioral health agencies in the region.

Ride Health acts as a strategic partner to healthcare providers and payers, bridging the gap between healthcare and mobility to develop tailored transportation networks and programs that meet unique operational considerations and regulatory requirements. For behavioral health agencies in particular, Ride Health saves staff time through the consolidation of transportation provider contracts and payments, access to a single-point web portal for ride scheduling and oversight in a manner that adheres to customizable budget limits and funding sources, and comprehensive ride support throughout the patient experience.

“While care delivery models are changing rapidly with virtual and home-based offerings, transportation is still a significant barrier to essential in-person care for complex and vulnerable populations,” said Dr. Jorge Petit, President & CEO of CBC. “We are pleased to bring this shared infrastructure to our member agencies to improve patient experience, reduce costs and save critical staff time.”

Ride Health was designed without the assumption that a passenger has a smartphone, lives in an urban area connected to transit, speaks English as a first language, or can walk independently. The platform stores a unique profile for each passenger that takes into account mobility needs, communication preferences and behavioral circumstances to identify and coordinate with the right provider across public transit, ride-hailing (including Uber, Lyft, and Curb) and local non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers that can provide door-to-door, door-through-door and wheelchair-accessible levels of service.

“Transportation-related needs can differ widely across urban and rural settings, as well as within complex sub-populations that need a different level of navigation and support through the process than standard ride-hailing offers,” said Richard Tuten, CEO of CBHS. “We look forward to working with Ride Health to bring the benefits of their network and person-centered approach to the communities we serve.”

“We are proud to partner with IMSNY, a forward-thinking organization that is changing the way behavioral health care is delivered across New York City and the Hudson Valley,” said Imran Cronk, CEO and Founder of Ride Health. “The dispersion of care toward home- and community-based settings has accelerated over the past year, with seamless mobility – for patients and staff alike – emerging as key infrastructure.”

For agencies interested in learning more about IMSNY’s solution for IPAs, please contact Chief Operating Officer, Mathew Smith, at

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