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Tips to Parent During the Pandemic

Written by Jenna Santiago, Care Connections Coordinator

We have entered a time when no one really knows the meaning of “normal” anymore. Our homes were once just our... homes. Now they have become the classroom, the office, and even the gym. So many parents are struggling with how to juggle their child’s schoolwork and their own work; how to get to the grocery store; and even how to complete the daily family tasks.

It’s ok to experience stress and anxiety during this difficult time. It’s even ok to be fearful. We are not alone in how we are feeling. Reaching out to your friends and family to discuss these feelings or to share a laugh can help.

Most people who are now working from home have blurred lines when it comes to work and home life. Work and home are happening at the same place making it difficult to disconnect at the end of the day. Designating a specific area to work in can help; ideally a room with a door. This is also true for your children completing their schoolwork remotely. The children should be up and out of bed. They should be dressed as if they were ready to go into school. This allows them to be awake and alert for the day. If your child(ren) do not have their own space for schoolwork, having them work alongside you can help them mimic your work productively.

It is true that we are no longer “putting in normal hours” during this difficult time. Establishing a routine is beneficial to ensure we are staying on track. Routines can also help cope with stressful situations.

Share the responsibility of homeschooling with your partner or another person in the house. You can offer to assist with the morning shift and ask that they assist with the afternoon session. You can also ask for help outside of your home, too. Ask a grandparent or a friend to video-chat with your child while you are making an important phone call for work.

You –and everyone else in the family –need alone time. Take the dog for a walk or enjoy a nice long shower. If you aren’t able to get away by yourself, put some earbuds in and practice some mindfulness meditation.

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